John David Nielson

My name is John David Nielson, and I am running for the office of clerk/auditor.
I was born and raised here in San Juan County. I grew up in Blanding and attended San Juan High School. After graduating, I served a two-year LDS mission to the Dominican Republic.
Upon returning, I got married to my wonderful wife Dianna Barlow Nielson. We have five wonderful children and are very happy to raise them in our wonderful county.
Following my marriage, my wife and I attended Southern Utah University where I earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Finance.
After graduating, we were able to move back home and have lived in Monticello for almost ten years. During this time I’ve worked at Zions Bank as the Customer Service Manager.
Like the clerk/auditor, my job description includes many duties. Some of the main duties include overseeing the daily operations of the bank, performing internal audits, and helping our team meet the budget goals.
The clerk/auditor also has many functions that need to be performed. Running the county elections, abatements, GRAMMA requests, preparing financial statements, and issuing marriage licenses are a few of these functions.
Another important job duty the clerk has is to create a county budget and then work with the commissioners to implement it so that the taxpayer’s dollars are spent for the benefit of the taxpayers.
One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned while at the bank is that of good customer service. Giving good service is key to having people come back to do business with you.
I’ve learned the value of treating everyone with kindness, honesty, and respect. Although not everyone leaves the bank with what they want, my goal is to have them leave knowing that they were listened to and treated fairly.
As the county clerk/auditor, I will treat everyone with the fairness and respect they deserve.
With every job there are challenges, but I welcome the opportunity to have these challenges and work through them efficiently so that our county is a better place to live.
As clerk/auditor I will use my education and banking background to make the services the clerk’s office provides even more available to all the people of San Juan County.
As clerk I will be approachable, friendly, and open. I am excited to serve the people here, to get to know them better and find out how the clerk and the office can better serve them.
I hope that you’ll remember me as you vote in the next few weeks. I look forward to serving you and appreciate your support.
Thank you,
John David Nielson

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