John Curtis

When you elected me last year, I promised I’d be the kind of Congressman who would get things done for Utah. In just 5 months, I’ve introduced three bills that are critical to the 3rd district. What’s more, I’ve already introduced and shepherded one bill all the way through the legislative process to a House vote; it passed 392-6.
I’m working to take Utah values to Washington, DC., as promised. I’ve supported sensible tax policy, sound immigration policy, responsible spending, local control of public lands, and the second amendment. Despite considerable pressure from my own party’s leadership and from other colleagues, I voted NO on a 2-year budget deal that would add $600 billion in new spending, with no plan to bring spending under control.
To those of you who live in rural Utah, I know you have a deep connection to the land. It is both your history and the future you hope to leave to your children and grandchildren. I know you need to have the necessary tools to generate new economic opportunities. As in every arena, I believe those best suited to manage the land are the people closest to it - you. I am committed to ongoing dialogue and getting your input on these decisions.
As a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, I am pushing legislation to close the urban-rural digital divide. I have introduced a bill to allow broadband infrastructure projects across Utah’s public lands, so that the heavy hand of the federal government will no longer hamper economic growth in our rural communities. My bill will provide greater access to high-speed Internet in rural schools, hospitals, and businesses in rural areas. 
My team and I are working to make sure our small state has a big voice. We worked hard to secure committee assignments that are key to our state and national interest. We’re also working to make sure each voter has a big voice. I’ve held over 50 town halls in my 5 months in Congress. When you attend my town halls, you have the ear of a Congressman who has a seat at the table on Foreign Affairs, Small Business, and Natural Resources. You have real influence and your voice matters. I pledge to continue to be accessible. To receive email about town halls in your area, sign up at

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