John Curtis

Dear San Juan County, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hospitality to me these last few months. It’s been a humbling experience to sit in your parks, in your meetings, pizza parlors and businesses and listen to your concerns, insights and to learn your history.
Thank you for taking time to visit Bears Ears with me and for answering my questions about the public lands debate. I want you to know I hear you. Though I have come to understand more about this vital and complicated issue in your county, undoubtedly there is still more to learn. I hope that if elected, you will continue to keep our dialogue open about how we can solve this issue together.
I also hear you on your concerns about economic development in your region. I know you want to be selective and smart about what types of businesses come and how they will affect your current community and this beautiful country that surrounds you and your families. I know you want to keep San Juan County a place where generations of your families can join your ancestors in making the desert bloom in the east corner of our great state.
I think you’ll find me a problem-solver. I cut my teeth in the business world here in Utah. I’ve grown a small business into an international company known for building some of the best gun ranges and training facilities for law enforcement. As we grew to tens of millions in revenue, we hired hundreds of employees. I understand what makes our economy grow and what it’s like to make a payroll. I’m not afraid to make hard decisions.
When I was elected as Provo’s Mayor nearly eight years ago, I faced a deficit of $5.5 million. I also had to make hard decisions and cut Provo’s budget by 8%. In the end, I was the one that had to look 30 employees in the eye, one at a time, and tell them their job was being eliminated. As difficult as that was, we were better for it. We surveyed our residents and they said their satisfaction with the city was higher than ever. That’s doing more with less.
I would like to take what I’ve learned and represent you. I want to be your advocate on issues like access to health care, infrastructure concerns and BLM law enforcement. I hope to earn your vote this November, and get to work making San Juan County voices heard back in Washington D.C. Together we’ll get things done.

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