International Balloon Festival is this weekend

On Friday and Saturday, January 16 and 17, the skies above Bluff will once again be decorated with brilliant color as 28 pilots soar their hot-air-filled envelopes across the red rock landscape for the 17th annual Bluff International Balloon Festival.
The pilots will ask strenuous help of their crew in order to put up the balloons, but they’ll repay the work in spectacular fashion as they take those crew members high into the cool winter morning. The balloons take off early and crisscross the countryside wherever the air currents take them, staying up as long as they can.
Upon landing, the pilots delight in sharing their passion for ballooning by performing the closing ceremony for any first-time fliers. Even after 17 years, we’ve been sworn to secrecy about the actual ritual, but we can say it recounts the intriguing story of how ballooning began and how it is the joy of so many enthusiasts today.
On Friday, January 16, visitors and locals flock to the Bluff Community Center for the Bluff Elementary School Benefit Navajo Taco Supper. Parents and teachers from the school pull off a delicious meal while the children entertain with Native song and dance.
On Saturday, the Bluff Community Center will be hopping! The annual Balloon Arts Fair begins at 2 p.m. with local artists selling their creations. Everyone can find something special to buy.
Beginning at 4 p.m. is the chili and ice cream sundae social. It’s the perfect way to finish the day with the ever-popular sunset Glow-in.
At 5 p.m. on Saturday is a drawing for two Bluff Getaway raffle prizes – and one for a balloon sponsorship – for three lucky raffle ticket buyers!
Don’t forget to come early Sunday morning to caravan to Valley of the Gods to witness the flight across the high desert. Visitors are blown away as ancient geological formations are encircled by bubbles of beauty!
For more info, go to or call Steve at 435-672-2341 or Marcia at 435-672-2290.

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