Incumbents do well in local, state and federal races in general election

Bruce Adams was elected to serve a third four-year term as San Juan County Commissioner after the November 6 General election.
Adams, a Republican, was the preference of 938 voters, with unaffiliated candidate Gail Johnson receiving 574 votes and Democrat candidate Willie Grayeyes receiving 517 votes.
Adams finished second behind a challenger in five of the eight precincts in the district. However, he had a strong second-place finish in the five districts and wins in the remaining three precincts to earn a third term on the Commission.
Three incumbents on the San Juan School Board were also elected to serve another four-year term.
Merri Shumway earned 613 votes to 518 votes for challenger Kari Bake. Debbie Christiansen earned 357 votes, while challenger Cody Nielson earned 261 votes. Bill Boyle was unopposed.
More than two-thirds of the active voters in the county participated in the election. The number of registered voters in the county grew from 6,946 in 2008 to 7,686 in 2012.
Despite an increase of more than 700 voters on the rolls, the number of voters actually participating in the election was almost identical as in 2008.
In 2008, 5,186 San Juan County residents voted, while 5,198 voted in 2012.
The high turnout was driven, in part, by the presidential candidacy of Republican Mitt Romney. Romney, who attended Brigham Young University and ran the Salt Lake Olympic Games, received roughly 60 percent of the San Juan County vote. Barack Obama earned 40 percent of the San Juan County vote.
Although Romney earned the majority of votes in San Juan County and Utah, Obama carried the national election and will serve another four years as president.
For the first time in decades, San Juan County residents will be represented by a full slate of Republicans in the state and federal legislatures.
The state representative for the next two years is Republican Mike Noel, of Kanab. Noel was elected with nearly 70 percent of the San Juan County vote and 72 percent of the overall vote.
The prior State Representative, Democrat Christine Watkins of Price, had represented the area for several terms. Redistricting moved Watkins into another district, where she was narrowly defeated by Jerry Anderson of Price.
Republican David Hinkins earned another term in the Utah State Senate, receiving 59 percent of the San Juan County vote and 72 percent of the overall vote.
Republican Jason Chaffetz earned another two-year term in the US House of Representatives. Chaffetz earned 76 percent of the overall vote, while carrying 60 percent of the San Juan County vote.
As a result of redistricting, San Juan County’s previous Congressman, Democrat Jim Matheson, will represent another area of the state. He narrowly defeated Republican challenger Mia Love.
Republican Senator Orrin Hatch earned a seventh term in the US Senate while earning 60 percent of the San Juan County vote and 65 percent of the overall vote. Hatch will be the most senior Republican member of the US Senate.
Two proposed amendments to the Utah Constitution both were approved by voters.

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