Man falls, injured while hunting antler sheds

A local man was seriously injured in an April 26 fall while hunting for antler sheds alone near Montezuma Canyon.
Jared Crane, age 39 of Monticello, spent the night in the canyon before he was discovered by Search and Rescue volunteers the following day. It was nearly 24 hours after his fall before he was found. Two helicopters assisted in the search before Crane was found at the base of a large talus slope.
Deputies from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department responded to a missing person report on April 26. Due to nightfall, the search did not resume until the next morning.
Deputies followed Crane’s tracks, and with the assistance of helicopters from Classic Air Medical and the Utah Department of Public Safety, the search continued throughout the day.
At 6 p.m. on April 27, the DPS Helicopter located Crane at the base of steep terrain. He had fallen and could not move due to broken bones and a punctured lung.
The DPS helicopter hoisted Crane out of the rugged area to an awaiting ground ambulance.
He was taken to San Juan Hospital in Monticello and later transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction, CO.
Crane has had surgery and is expected to recover.

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