Food Adventures of a Comfort Cook

by Mary Cokenour, The owner of Peter Springs Alpaca Ranch, LLC, Dorothy Pipkin-Padilla, began a new venture in 2014, Wild Mountain Meats, LLC; purveyor of Alpaca meats featuring: burger, steaks, chops, ribs and sausage. While Alpaca is a staple in South...
by Mary For seven years, a rustic building sat alone and lonely along Route 491; it had once been a bar/restaurant/antiques shop, but no longer was it loved. Then came along Tim and Shelly Meyer to breathe life back into, not just the building, but...
by Mary Here you are, San Juan County: one of the most beautiful places in the United States and you are hungry! Where to eat can be quite a mystery, so whether traveling from Monticello to Monument Valley or vice versa, here is a solution to that...


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