Canyon Country Discovery Center open house caters to all

by Mary Cokenour
On December 3, 2015, Canyon Country Discovery Center opened its doors to welcome all to a first time look see at this new learning facility.
While the grand opening will not occur until March 2016, curiosity brought in folks from all over San Juan County.
The building is a beautiful design of abode and wood; a wetlands pond in the rear. Inside, maps of the Colorado Plateau adorn the walls and floors; an exquisite fireplace with Native American décor highlights the meditation area.
The Colorado Plateau Educational Center is round to represent the shape of the Hogan; Native American artifacts encased in the eight pillars.
Ute Flutist, Aldean Lightning Hawk Ketchum, mesmerized adults and children with his playing; enchanted faces looked upon Aldean as he imitated calls of native birds.
Many exhibits were fully operational; a wind tunnel flew paper whirly gigs up and out into the waiting hands of on-lookers.
A multi-colored rock climbing wall supplied ample padding for those losing their grip; many enjoying the bouncing more than the climbing itself.
The staff of the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education were asked question after question; happily showing off each and every display.
Hard work still goes on inside as each new exhibit is completed. Landscaping, due to the winter weather, is on hold, but plans to be amazing with walking trails and natural habitats.
This Discovery Center will be a true learning center for young and old alike!
At the dinner hour, a great sampling of hors-d’oeuvres were served; catered by local restaurant, Peace Tree Juice Café. Karen Whipple (owner) and her wonderful staff: Lavonne Larceval, Marie Delafuente, Kayli Rogers, Alonzo Begay and Eli Whipple) were on point, from cooking to presentation to service.
Visitors to the Open House oohed and aahed over Steak, Pork and Chicken Medallions roasted to tender perfection with herbal seasonings; Smoked Trout on sliced baguettes, smoky, creamy and addicting; Delicata Squash baked to tenderness with a savory, spicy rice stuffing; Roasted Corn kicking the palette with Poblano Peppers; Brussel Sprouts with a nutty flavor and sweetened with cranberries.
Mini-Cheesecakes for dessert; it was so, so difficult to just eat one; the lemon was luscious, but I should have thrown embarrassment to the wind and eaten a decadent chocolate too!
Unfortunately I did not get to speak with all the staff, but I wish to thank Lyndie Bradshaw (Marketing Manager) and Tina Corrao (Business Coordinator) for making my husband, myself, and the staff of the Monticello Welcome Center feel so welcomed.
Thank you to everyone involved, with the creation of the Discovery Center, for your dedication to the community, and to bringing education and learning to San Juan County.
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