Elsie Dee

Candidate for San Juan School District Board of Education
Re-elect and vote for Elsie Dee for the San Juan School Board.
Elsie is running for the seat which represents District #4. This includes the Red Mesa, Montezuma Creek and Aneth areas.
Vote by mail-in ballot for the General Election on November 4, 2014
Ya’ateeh, shi eii Elsie Dee yinishye-my clan is Bita’ahnii, born for the Todich’iinii, maternal are Tl’izi lani & paternal clan is Bit’anii. I’m the daughter of the late Edgar and Anna Dee of Red Mesa, Utah.
I’m the great-granddaughter of the Late “hastiin-Dahna’ayizii (Pouch Dee) and Late “Slim Yabney”, and many other descendents of our forefathers.
It seems in recent years the once respected and honorable leaders are no longer mentioned, let alone failing to uphold their leadership traits.
No individual could fulfill their leadership of progression and professionalism, but we must never give up.
I will continue to focus on raising expectations for all students.
The education of our Native Children is to provide opportunity for all our students to obtain life skills and cultural growth in order to be contributing citizens.
“Accountability-Nihet eehoosin” and “Vision-Naas naha at’a”, are extremely important.
The most important accountability in Utah’s education is to the parents of each child.
This accountability is wonderfully active in our schools and community, where parents and educators are actively having that communication and working together to meet the challenge of learning for our children.
Thank-you (Ahe’hee’) for your confidence, trust and vote.
Vote Elsie Dee, San Juan School District School Board Member/District # 4 representing Whitehorse High School and Montezuma Creek Elementary School
San Juan School District/School Board member, 7-yrs.
National Johnson O’Malley Association/Board Rep.-Region 7, (Utah, Nevada & California), 3-yrs
Utah Developmental Disability Council (UDDC), 8-yrs
Navajo Nation Advisory Council on Disabilities, 6-yrs
State of Utah-ABCD Project-Community Organizer, 1-yr

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