School Board approves salary increase for teachers

Teachers in the San Juan School District will receive a three percent salary increase for the upcoming school year as part of a 5.06 percent overall increase in compensation.
The teacher contracts were approved at the May 14 meeting of the San Juan School Board.
The approval culminates a lengthy process that involved communication with teachers and the Teacher’s Association. In the end, the contract includes the cost of living increase, along with maintaining the cost of insurance coverage, retirement contributions, and the education and longevity bonuses (steps/lanes).
The board reviewed data from five years ago that shows starting salaries for teachers in the San Juan School District compare favorably to other districts in the state.
At the time, the minimum amount paid by San Juan was the second highest in the state, trailing only Park City. The maximum amount paid by San Juan is the sixth highest of 41 school districts.
Several school districts along the Wasatch Front recently approved salary increases for teachers.
A more recent analysis, compiled by the Utah Legislature, shows an average teacher salary in the school district of $58,250. This is the twelfth highest of the school districts in the state.
In other matters at the May 14 meeting, the district introduced a detailed analysis of just how much it costs for students to participate in extra-curricular activities.
The analysis is part of a multi-year effort to account for student fees. A recent audit of school districts pointed out a number of challenges in the fee waiver program, which is designed to allow all students to participate in school activities, regardless of ability to pay.
The San Juan School District has a high percent of students who are eligible for fee waivers.
The analysis looks at not only the fees, but the additional costs of participating in activities, including travel, camps, and post season tournaments.
The school district is taking into account the impact on students and their families when the “actual” costs of participation are accounted for.
The costs can vary dramatically depending upon the success of the program. The cost of post season competition accounts for a large portion of the total cost for several successful programs.
For instance, the highest cost sports program is drill team, with a $1,667 price tag. In contrast, the cost for tennis is $520.
Drill team costs include a $40 participation fee, with an additional $280 in travel expenses, $560 for equipment and supplies, $387 for camps and competition fees, $250 for warm ups and clothing, and $140 for expenses at the state competition.
Other expensive programs include $1,500 for boys basketball (including $575 for travel, $325 for clinics, $275 for equipment, and $300 for post season play), $1,490 for volleyball (including $670 for travel, $470 for clinics, $215 for equipment, and $110 for post season play), and $1,010 for football (including $400 for travel, $280 for post season play, and more for clinics).
The school district plans to watch these costs closely and anticipates spending up to $300,000 next year to cover the costs for the fee-waiver students.
In addition to the traditional activities, the analysis also includes the costs of academic activities.
Academic activities range from $65 for welding to $2,251 for FBLA. It includes $2,100 for HOSA, $1,465 for Unity Club, $1,165 for History Fair, $870 for FFA, $450 for Yearbook, $250 for DECA, $93 for Woodshop, and $80 for Sterling Scholar.
The higher costs are generally related to those who participate in state or national competitions.
The costs for Junior High School students range from $590 for wrestling to $$43 for Woodshop. It includes $450 for girls basketball, $315 for football, $200 for cross country, $145 for boys basketball, and $140 for band.

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