Enrollment up in schools

The number of students in the San Juan School District grew by 15 students over the past year, the first increase in five years.

The modest increase was driven by 21 more students in the schools in Monument Valley, 12 more students in the Blanding schools.

Enrollment dropped in the three smallest schools in the district, with enrollment at Bluff Elementary, La Sal Elementary, and Navajo Mountain High schools reaching there lowest levels over the past ten years.

Enrollment changed little in Montezuma Creek and Monticello schools.Overall enrollment peaked at 3,021 students in 2014 and has gradually declined until the slight increase this year.

Minority populations are a majority in the San Juan School District, with 59 percent of students from minority populations. The percent of students from minority populations has ranged from 52.7 percent of the total student body in 2011 to 62.2 percent of the student body in 2015.

Native American students make up more than 95 percent of the student body in six of the 12 schools in the district. Schools in the Blanding area are the most diverse in the district, where more than 47 percent of the students in Blanding schools are Native American.

October 1 is the day that the annual enrollment counts are made.

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