Board Candidate: Colleen Benally

My name is Colleen Benally and I am running for the San Juan School Board in District #3.
I am running because I believe we need equality in our school system so that our children have a wholesome education and ensure their voices will be heard. This is the most important element in their future. 
I am a resident of the “River Region” known as Southern San Juan County, Utah, and have lived here most of my life.
I attended school both in San Juan at Bluff Elementary, Albert R. Lyman, and San Juan High School and I also attended other Utah schools in Carbon, Castleview and Salt Lake County, UT.
During my formative years I was brought up with my Diné heritage alongside the public school education. These two different types of education provided a strong foundation, but I also struggled with time, disparities and bias, which only helped me become who I am.
I don’t want these struggles for our children today.
My husband and I have been married for 19 years and we have 4 sons. Their ages range from 8 to 19 years old.
These differences in age and education within my household from primary to university has reminded me of the on-going inequality and distrust within our district.
Differences in treatment affects not just our children, but parents and communities more broadly.
Since the start of my eldest son’s education at 3 years old and now as a second year college student, we have always worked hard to give him the very best.
As a parent, this means I want the same for every child in the district.
Working in a customer service based industry has taught me to listen to people and earn their trust for the last decade and a half.
I’m here to listen to you and the issues you deal with within the San Juan School District. Together we can make changes for a better future for our children. 
I hope to have your Vote November 8th (or before if you’re voting early by mail). 
Ahé héé

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