Recess conversation turned humanitarian aid fundraiser provides a way to give back

“Operation Save the Koalas/Australia” began early in January of this year after some heartbroken fourth-graders had a conversation on the playground at recess. 

They had just heard about the devastating wildfires in Australia and the huge loss of Koalas. They decided instead of just feeling sad, mad, and helpless, they were going to do something. 

What transpired was the first official planning meeting to save the Koalas. The girls held their first meeting all on their own and decided what they wanted to do. 

They planned to have a fundraiser and send the money to Australia. They planned and divided out assignments amongst themselves before any parents were even involved. 

Multiple meetings helped to organize a fundraising effort with posters, t-shirts, and baked goods with mothers only helping with logistics and supervision.

They had a fundraiser February 5 at the San Juan Broncos boys basketball game. They made baked goods, magnets, bracelets, and keychains to sell and wore t-shirts that said “Operation Save Australia.”

This fundraiser was an awesome joint effort that paid off. They ended up making $727 that night. 

The parents are so proud that, in this day and age, they are choosing such productive and meaningful activities. These are amazing girls and are examples to us all. They have such big hearts. 

The girls plan to have a party to celebrate and send the money off to the San Diego Zoo’s Global Wildlife Conservancy Emergency Relief Fund for Australia. 

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