Daniel Hunter for Monticello City Council

Our country is hurting right now, so many are divided. It is hard to comprehend sometimes living in a place as special as Monticello, but still, that is what the world is today. I grew up here, and it’s not the same as it used to be. However, I still chose to come back and raise my family here.
Like it or not, Monticello has changed and will continue to change. How these future changes happen and in what ways are up to us, as citizens. I am running for Monticello City Council because I see many important issues on the horizon that affect each of us, and I want to be a part of that solution. I feel that one of the major downfalls that inhibits society today is that too many of us are sheltered in our own lives. The community fabric is starting to fray. How many of us know out neighbors? Its not just enough to be a member of a community anymore, it is vital that each of us use our time and talents and volunteer to make our community a better place. We need to have the mindset that were all connected and can figure out complex issues. We need to band together to continue to make this community a safe place for our families, and a great place to live. Only by being together can we truly be free. I invite you to stand with me, find a way to volunteer, and create the community you want to live in. I appreciate your vote on Nov. 7th.
Thanks, Daniel Hunter

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