Construction underway on building and exhibits for Discovery Center

The Four Corners School of Outdoor Education has begun construction on the Canyon Country Discovery Center (CCDC), located just north of Monticello on Highway 191.
After twelve years of planning, construction on the main building began in the fall of 2014. With the mild winter, the project is ahead of schedule, with framing of roof and walls currently underway.
Four Corners School recently hired Michael McGlothlen and Ed Browning as Exhibits Director and Exhibits Coordinator. They are prior employees of the Natural History Museum of Utah. They bring a total of ten years of experience in exhibit design and building. Their temporary exhibit shop, on Main Street, is open.
They have begun working on interactive learning stations as exhibits for Discovery Center Visitors.
Exhibits McGlothlen and Browning are presently working on include:
Algae Biofuel on the Colorado Plateau: Several acrylic cylinders containing algae grown under various types of light. Visitors can pull a curtain to block out ambient room light to see and compare the levels of algae glow.
Traditional Native Loom American demonstration: A traditional loom and yarn will allow visitors to follow simple instructions as to how the loom works. Visitors add to the work and a rug will eventually be created.
Augmented Reality Sandbox: A sandbox combined with virtual topography and water will have a closed loop of a 3D camera, equipped with powerful simulation and visualization software, and a digital projector. Visitors can sculpt, and manipulate sand to create their own desert landscapes.
Dust Devils: Visitors engage and interact with a natural phenomenon that occurs on the Colorado Plateau. Dust devils are comparable to tornadoes.
Hyperbolic Funnel and Space time Warp: A hyperbolic funnel, whose center hole represents the sun, and a rolling ball circling the center represents planetary motion.
Light Island: With a light source that projects rays of white and colored light across a tabletop, visitors will play with light and observe reflection, refraction, color mixing and separation.
Standing Wave Tube: Standing Wave Tube will represent the phenomena of sound. As sound is generated, pressure waves move through the tube and cause foam beads to align with the waveforms.
Water Vortex: The exhibit will focus on water and eddies on the Colorado Plateau. A large clear acrylic basin with a hole in the base will allow water to create a vortex.
Wind Tube: A clear acrylic tube will contains a fan at the base, creating an upward draft for visitors to explore wind and seed propagation on the Colorado Plateau.
Wind Turbines: Small model turbines will create wind to make them spin.  Users can experiment with different wind turbine blade configurations.

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