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I am one of the great-grand daughters of William Morley Black. I was born to Paul Nixon Black, the youngest son of Junius Exile Black, the youngest known child of William Morley Black. I am 36 years old and my youngest brother is 21. I find it amazing that we have such a rich heritage so close in the family tree.
I met Junius, my grandfather, a couple of times in the 1970's, but he died before I can remember anything about him.
I would love to get in contact with some of my thousands of cousins so that I may get to know more about my family.
My Aunt Winnie, the grand-daughter of William, has allowed me to see a letter he had written to Louisa Ann Washburn concerning my grandfather.
In the letter William spoke of great sadness for not being able to raise Junius and felt that he needed the chance to see him and raise him. That never happened.
To me, all of the family I have in the West would be like finding my long lost ancestors.
If anyone reads this that is a descendant of William Morley Black, please contact me at:
Thank you!
Jennifer Black

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