Chris Herrod

I’m running again for the same reasons as last year.  I have the best experience for the job! I’ve studied in Europe and the Middle-East, taught at Universities in the former Soviet Union, and I understand that by developing our national resources we help both rural Utah and protect our national security.  When we keep energy prices low, we prevent Russia, Iran, and Venezuela of excess money to cause havoc around the world.  
Having served six years in the Utah Legislature, I understand firsthand the problems of federal regulations and bureaucracies. Rural Utah has been hurt the most by this federal overreach. I was one of the first Wasatch Front legislators to fully understand what the federal government was doing to rural Utah. I view much of my job of prying power away from D.C. and bring it back to the state of Utah so that Utahns can decide what’s best.  
While tourism is good, rural Utah needs steady year-round careers than can provide good middle class jobs. This includes Uranium production. It simply makes no sense to enrich our adversaries by importing Uranium from around the world when we have Uranium in San Juan County. I trust the people in San Juan County to mine in a safe and an environmentally sound way. I know you want a clean environment for their children in the future and could use the money for education.      
Unlike my opponent, I voted for President Trump and strongly support his agenda.
While I respect the incumbent, we have stark differences in our perspectives of the proper role of government. I’m a life-long Republican and have a record of cutting taxes and shrinking government. I “walk the talk.” When Provo City proposed UTA’s BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), I gathered signatures against it because it went after unneeded $75 million in federal grant money. There’s no such thing as “free” money. The $200 million project is over-budget and needlessly ripped up Provo’s Historic University Parkway in order to save 8 minutes on a bus route that few will ever use.  We simply cannot afford wasteful spending as our national debt is a national security issue. 
I’m honored to be endorsed by Commissioner Phil Lyman and retiring State Representative Mike Noel with whom I served. You can learn more about me at or give me a call at 801-368-3117. I ask for your vote.    

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