Business Spotlight: Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

The Business Spotlight this week is on Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, a non-profit organization focused on place-based outdoor education about the Colorado Plateau, located in Monticello.
Founded in 1984, this non-profit has been in business in Monticello for 27 years. The mission of the organization is to create lifelong learning experiences about the Colorado Plateau bioregion for people of all ages and backgrounds through education, service, adventure, and conservation programs.
To accomplish this mission, the organization operates four programs, including:
1) The Bioregional Outdoor Education Project, a teacher training program to train kindergarten through eighth grade teachers how to conduct lessons in a hands-on, placed-based, outdoor way;
2) Canyon Country Youth Corps, a job training program for youth who perform service projects on public lands;
3) Southwest Ed-Ventures, an adventure and education program for all ages of rafting, hiking, and/or backpacking excursions throughout the Colorado Plateau; and
4) the Discovery Institute for Conservation Education, which will encompass all the programs that will operate on the site of their new campus, the Canyon Country Discovery Center.
The Four Corners School’s Canyon Country Discovery Center currently operates an observatory on-site for groups who want to pre-schedule the facility. Astronomy programs offered include solar scope viewing of the sun, as well as night sky viewing with a 14-inch and 8-inch telescopes.
Contact the School at 435-587-2156 to learn more about programs and to schedule your group event, sign up your child for CCYC, join an adventure, or participate as a teacher.

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