Company says feasibility study of Bluff is accurate

Bonneville Research has responded to questions regarding the study that looked at the feasibility of incorporating Bluff.
Bob Springmeyer, chairman of Bonneville Research, sent the response and stated, “Please accept my fact-based response to the inaccurate challenges to the Bonneville Research Incorporation Feasibility Study.”
An October 18 article in the San Juan Record discussed the feasibility study and questions raised about it by San Juan County Administrator Kelly Pehrson. Pehrson suggests that the cost to maintain a separate municipality may be higher than the study indicates.
Springmeyer stands behind the results of the feasibility study, which states: “The results of this study indicate that-incorporation is feasible for the Bluff Study Area… This action will allow the newly Town of Bluff to maintain current service and budget levels while keeping property taxes at their current level without reducing levels of service.”
Springmeyer’s response deals with Pehrson’s questions about road budgets, law enforcement, solid waste disposal, fire and emergency services, wages, zoning and building permits, wages, administrative expenses, insurance and more.
One Bluff resident said, “The feasibility study is intended to determine if an incorporated Bluff could provide the same level of service as is currently offered. I believe that the study was correct. Of course, it will cost more to provide a higher level of service to the people of Bluff.”

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