Blanding City Council hears reports in their first meeting of the new year

Blanding Mayor Joe Lyman was back in action, serving in his full capacity at the Blanding City Council Jan. 8 meeting. Councilwoman Kathrina Perkins served as Mayor Pro-tempore at the council’s last meeting on Dec. 11, in Lyman’s temporary absence.
Lyman started the meeting off by asking for public comment after the December meeting minutes and payables were approved. No member of the public made comment and the council moved on to departmental reports.
City Engineer Terry Ekker presented the December water report to the council, stating that Blanding is running at above-average precipitation in the new water year that began Oct. 1.
“Of course, our reservoirs are still pretty empty,” Ekker said. “We’ve got a good start up there, but we are behind a little on snowpack, even now.”
During the police department reports, it was revealed that a new officer will be joining the Blanding Police Department sometime in May after he finishes his academy training at the USU Blanding campus. The incoming officer is currently participating in ridealongs and has worked in the past at the jail as a corrections officer.
Councilwoman Perkins gave a report to the council about the 2018 holiday trash bin recap after the conclusion of the departmental reports.
“I drove past them about 10 a.m. in the morning, and it was already full on Christmas day,” Perkins said. “It was crazy to see how fast people were using it. I think that you had to empty it a couple times, though, because you had to empty it four times. We asked people to just use boxes and wrapping paper.”
City crews reported that there were mostly boxes and wrapping paper and some small amounts of other material that made its way into the bins.
“We were able to have the crew come in, and they would smash it down and stuff,” City Clerk Lisa Rarick said. “I think it was really good...
“There are some things that we probably will tweak a little bit for next year to make it a little easier so we don’t have to have people come out on Christmas day to move containers. And then we’ll ask people to please break down your boxes.”

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