Bayley Hedglin for Monticello City Council

The challenges Monticello faces – how we grow, how we invest scarce dollars, how we take care of people, and how we work together cooperatively and constructively – are the issues I have worked on since my return to Monticello. I love this city and I can help lead us through the next few years.
Our success will bring new residents, new businesses, new construction, and new visitors. Our challenge now is how to welcome these newcomers, continue to flourish, expand opportunities for those who are already here, and maintain the mix of elements that make us unique – our vibe, our spirit, our locally owned stores and our neighborhoods. In short, how can we keep the Monticello we love while also fostering economic growth and stability?
My priorities include:
Completing the city’s general plan. Implementing this living document will ensure the consistency of progress regardless of political whims and changes in leadership. This includes a focus on aging sewer systems and opportunities for the acquisition of additional water rights.
Create a positive business climate. My work with the Chamber of Commerce has allowed me to gain personal relationships with many business owners and become a sounding board for issues they face. I believe in keeping the current business incentive programs, keeping business owners aware of local, state and federal incentives, developing new and streamlining permitting process, will enhance the business climate.
My involvement in economic development has given me extensive networking opportunities throughout the state that has assisted in giving Monticello positive visibility. I am not afraid of trying new ideas to help create a greater sense of community and in bringing people of varying backgrounds together.
I offer the City of Monticello all my skills, expertise, energy, and passion, and I ask for your support.

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