BLM holds sage grouse meeting in Dove Creek
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by David Boyle

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will host a meeting in Dove Creek, CO on Thursday, August 7 to discuss the future of the Gunnison sage grouse. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at Dove Creek High School.

The BLM offices in southwest Colorado plan to draft amendments to their management plans in order to assist in the efforts to protect the Gunnison sage grouse.

Connie Clementson, the field office manager for the BLM Tres Rios office, said “We will be updating all of our plans that have Gunnison sage grouse habitat. It is a range-wide plan to get consistency between districts on mitigating impacts to the bird.”

“The BLM is doing everything it can do to see it is not listed,” Clementson said.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife, a separate federal agency whose reach can extend to federal, state and private lands, is considering a proposal that could designate the bird as an endangered species and create 1.7 million acres of protected habitat in Colorado and Utah.

A decision on the proposal is expected to be announced in November, 2014.

The Gunnison sage grouse has a population in the thousands, with a handful of birds on isolated leks, or breeding grounds, in San Juan County. The bird resides only in seven counties in Colorado and San Juan County, UT.

A preliminary plan, released 20 months ago, designated primarily private ground in San Juan County as potential protected habitat.

The full acreage under consideration in San Juan County amounts to roughly 30 percent of the total private land in the county.

The amount of BLM land under consideration for protected habitat in San Juan County is negligible.

Lawsuits filed by environmental agencies resulted in a federal court settlement which is pressuring the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the species as endangered. If the grouse is listed as endangered and habitat designated, additional permits would be required for any structure, use or project that occurrs within a certain distance from the habitat.

The amendments to the BLM management plans are expected to further protect the grouse in order to avoid the necessity of listing the species as endangered.

In addition, recent federal legislation, championed by Colorado Representative Scott Tipton, requires federal agencies to use local and state statistics when determining policies protecting wildlife.

Requiring the use of local statistics is designed to give the US Fish and Wildlife Service a more specific understanding of what is causing population decline and whether the decline is dramatic enough to require action.

Local officials have been concerned for many reasons, including the fact that the proposed designation states that the encroachment of civilization is the main threat to the Gunnison sage grouse.

In San Juan County, the grouse are located on isolated areas that have seen a significant decrease in human use over the prior decades rather than an “encroachment of civilization”.

The upcoming meeting in Dove Creek will involve an open forum that gives citizens the opportunity to voice their opinion on the matter.
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August 08, 2014
Sent to the BLM after last night's meeting in Dove Creek:

Your form asks for specific comments and recommendations on an arbitrarily created issue whereas the general and entire premise of the issue needs to be strongly challenged.

It is “reasonable” to ascribe mild motives to the United Nations endangered species protection program (and the US Government’s robotic implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21) but the endangered species program is anything but benign.

The United Nations is an organization purposely created by the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros/Kissinger/Bilderberger/etc genocidal bankster cult whose agenda is:

1) Endless war

2) Impossible debt

3) Total Police State

4) Depopulation

At 6:30 PM on 7 August 2014 in Dove Creek Colorado I attended a local county meeting sponsored by the US Bureau of Land Management on the issue of whether or not the Gunnison Sage Grouse needs to be put on the UN "Endangered Species" list.

Such a listing would, of course, mean more restrictions on the few hundred farmers and ranchers of Dolores County Colorado who produce food that feeds millions.

If the purposely created issue were not so sinister it would be hilarious!

This is a perfect example of why we need to remove and quarantine the leaders of the subverted and bankster cult controlled US "Government" and restore the US Constitution to full use.

The BLM Official was refreshingly honest and said "I don't know" to most questions. She did make a gaffe when she said "my land" and a REAL American - friend of mine named Bubba - said "Who's land??" At which point she apologized and said "Our Land".

And US land ownership and rights is the ACTUAL issue.

I asked WHO exactly originated the idea of putting the sage grouse on the endangered species list. No one knew but I was given the name of a Fishy Wildlife Bureau PR director in Denver so will follow up. I will, no doubt, get the run around but intend to finally obtain the names of the bankster cult moron agents who started this Gunnison Sage Grouse non issue. The perpetrators need to be prosecuted and imprisoned for assisting and attempted land grab by the UN.

I also asked for BLMs support in getting the farmers and ranchers of Dolores County put on the endangered species list. I got a bit of a laugh but intend to pursue this as a serious issue.

There were several other intelligent questions from the 50 or so farmers and ranchers in attendance one of whom pointed put that the Dove Creek/Dolores County area was one of the most hard hit economic areas in the USA and that whatever rulings the Fishy Wildlife Bureau comes up with will be an additional economic burden.

On the subject of “Ranchers and Farmers as an Endangered Species” issue, it may be worthwhile to point out that there are less than 2000 people in all of Dolores County and maybe a few hundred working farmers and ranchers in the county whose hard work and productivity feed millions of Americans.

Per the US Fishy Wild Life Bureau, there are over 4000 Gunnison sage Grouse – outnumbering the Dolores County farmers and ranchers at least 2 to 1! And there are probably at least that many government “officials” and bureaucrats thrashing around on the issue of the Sage Grouse with their pay and expenses paid by the US Tax payers.

And speaking of farming, should I also mention the issue of our U.S. troops being sent to Afghanistan where they are guarding the poppy growing farms which are supplying the CIA/MI6/Mossad run heroin traffic worldwide? Or the bankster cult’s propaganda machinery and crummy hired politicians working overtime today trying to start WW III?

Would that help put the “endangered species” program in perspective.

This Gunnison Sage Grouse issue is a perfect example of a 21st century “Government” gone completely insane.

Can we please all agree to arrest and quarantine from decent folk the bankster cult, the “U.N.” and their crummy hired sociopathic nut cases who are ACTUALLY endangering not only the sage Grouse but obviously endangering all mankind as a species?

Larry Byrnes

4000 County Road N

Dove Creek, Colorado


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