2018 San Juan County Fair Results
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Roundup Rodeo
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Family Fun at the Fair
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Hula Hoop
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Sack Race
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Sticky Money
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Talent Find Winners
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Diggin' it
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Jr Livestock
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Mud Bog
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Horse Games
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Children's Fair
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Youth Rodeo
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Roxanne Eldredge: Crochet viking
Jenny Grover: Blessing dress
Sally Jack: Pillow case
Deleska Behunin: Wall hanging
Tina Murdock: Quilt
Nicole Holliday: Quilt
Jeannine Snyder: Quilt
Joan Watkins: Rug
Sandra Black: Afghan
Donna Washburn: Applesauce
Nancy Munger: Doll
Easton Bowring: Photography
Jolin Redd: Photography
Gianfranco DeAngelis: Painting
Adam Bunker: Gun cabinet
Tayia Bennett: Picture
Danielle Mitchell: Apple pie
Alyssa Reeve: Decorated cake
Carolina Pipkin: Scrapbook
Kyleigh Adair: Scrapbook
Sarah Pipkin: Scrapbook
Jan Redd: Lillies
George Rice: Corn stalk
Eric Rowley: Kale
Liesal Francom: Canning
Katie Russell: Wall hanging
Braylee Freestone: Pillowcase
Carter Francom: Painting
Abby Jacobson: Quilt
Jerry Bradford: Sewing tractor
Kurtis Young: Crochet

Yadhira Rice: Lemon bars
Dawn Tait: Carmel popcorn balls
Evelyn Bosewell: Butter munchie

Katie Boyle: Fairgrounds apricot jam
Jolin Redd: Photography
Cheyenne Low: Scrapbook page
Alan Freestone: Flowers

Tina Murdock: Cross stitch
Roxanne Eldredge: Crochet animal
Jan Redd: Baby afghan
Monette Klinkenberg: Quilt
Nicole Holliday: Quilt
Tina Murdock: Quilt
Julie Bailey: Quilt
Dorothy Leavitt: Squash
Easton Bowring: Photography
Stephanie Chapman: Photography
Nikki Safrit: Painting
Kaylea Spillman: Quilt
Sydney Murdock: Quilt
Katherine Sallee: Fudge
Kenady Forrest, Rylan Grover: Cake
Jon Pipkin: Scrapbook
Kamree Hoggard: Scrapbook
Sarah Pipkin: Scrapbook
Jan Redd: Daisy
Eric Rowley: Swiss chard
Gloria Eberling: Green chilis
Timothy Francom: Watercolor
Kohl Hunter: Table
Nick Laws: Flag wood carving

Sandra Black: Afghan
Patty Christensen: Blanket
Crista Boswell: Bag
Kevin Delgado: Scarf/Hat
Caroline Skoulage: Scrub disks
Jeannine Snyder: Quilt
Monette Klinkenberg: Quilt
Deleska Behunin: Quilt
Boby Holt: Quilt
Carol Brewer: Wall hanging
Donna Washburn: Quilt
Donna Washburn: Phlox
Marty Shupe: Photography 
Stephanie Chapman: Photography
Richard Russell: Painting
Jade Warren: Painting
Jade Warren: Navajo Wedding Basket
Leisl Francom: Painting
Caitlyn Winse: Drawing
Stephanie Chapman: Cookies
Stephanie Chapman: Lemon meltaway
Carolina Pipkin: Scrapbook
Teegen Olson: Scrapbook
Teegan Olsen: Scrapbook
Gemma Olson: Scrapbook 
Carolina Pipkin: Scrapbook
Kamree Hoggard: Scrapbook
Jessica Olson: Scrapbook
Sarah Pipkin: Scrapbook
Jessica Olson: Scrapbook
Cheyenne Low: Scrapbook
Jamie Boone: Scrapbook
Crystal Adair: Scrapbook
Jan Redd: Daisy
Jan Redd: Zinnia
Brielle Rice: Gladiolus
Alan Freestone: Fire and Ice Dahlia
Eric Rowley: Lavender
Eric Rowley: Parsley
Marilyn Rowley: Canning
Shawn Black: Wood knife
Laurel English: Fruit painting
Makenna Peterson: Pencil drawing
Sadie Adair: Collage
Orion Sparks: Water color
Braylee Freestone: Cookies
Bryant Francom: Paper cutting
Liesel Francom: Crate
Joshua Hallberg: Short story


Ali Barry: Grand Champion
Shelly Lewis: 1st Reserve
Alise Lewis: 2nd Reserve
Quay Walker: Sr Showmanship Champion
Alyssa Reeve: Sr showmanship 2nd place
Cassie Barkhart: Sr Showmanship 3rd place
Ali Barry: Jr Showmanship Champion
Taylor Barry: Jr Showmanship 2nd place
Alise Lewis: Jr Showmanship 3rd place
Quin Nebeker: Rate of Gain
Adam Bunker: Herdsman

Hannah Barry: Grand Champion
Ashley Adair: 1st Reserve
Ryan McCullough: 2nd Reserve
Randall Flavel: Sr Showmanship Champion
Ashley Adair: Sr showmanship 2nd place
Zack Palmer: Sr Showmanship 3rd place
Raylee Kelley: Jr Showmanship Champion
Hannah Barry: Jr Showmanship 2nd place
Taylor Barry: Jr Showmanship 3rd place
Ian Black: Rate of Gain
Paige Palmer: Herdsman

Jade Nielson: Grand Champion
Adison Ivins: 1st Reserve
Mason Atwood: 2nd Reserve
Quay Walker: Sr Showmanship Champion
Ridge Holt: Sr showmanship 2nd place
Emily Palmer: Sr Showmanship 3rd place
Tyler Pehrson: Jr Showmanship Champion
Easton Young: Jr Showmanship 2nd place
Donovan Atwood: Jr Showmanship 3rd place
Raylee Kelley: Rate of Gain
Mark Jacobsen: Herdsman

Saydee Adams: Grand Champion
Tayia Bennett: 1st Reserve
Brooklyn Grover: 2nd Reserve
Kash Shumway: Sr Showmanship Champion
Brittany Grover: Sr showmanship 2nd place
Sadie Adams: Sr Showmanship 3rd place
Ali Barry: Jr Showmanship Champion
Oakley Adams: Jr Showmanship 2nd place
Rylan Grover: Jr Showmanship 3rd place
Gage Wilcox: Rate of Gain
Brittney Grover: Herdsman
Scholarship Winner: Ashley Adair

Senior Division

1s: Whitney Ivins
2nd: Quay Walker
2nd: Olivia Christensen

Junior Division
1st: Abbi Christensen
2nd: Jed Grover
3rd: Raylee Kelly

Adult Division
1st: Justin Ivins
2nd: Sheila Kelly 
3rd: Shawn Ivins

Junior Livestock Record Books
Alison Barry: 1st Place Jr.
Hannah Barry: 1st Place Jr.
Taylor Barry: 2nd Place Jr. 
Kash Shumway: 1st Place Sr. 


Brynley Adams: Grand Champion
Cameron Adair: 1st Reserve
Grant Wigginton: 2nd Reserve
Brynley Adams: Showmanship
Boston Monson: Rate of Gain

Chezney Ivins- Grand Champion
Aspyn Ivins: 1st Reserve
Tegan Harris: 2nd Reserve
Heidi Player: Showmanship
Rate of Gain : Tegan Harris 

Ranch Broncs

1st: Travon Cowdell
2nd: Kelly Holmquest
3rd: Timber Holmquest
4th: Triston Robertson 

Youth Barrels
1st: Davi Bowring
2nd: Bailey Bauer
3rd: Shelly Lewis

Ladies Barrels
1st: Erin Oliver
2nd: Shelby Fullmer
3rd: Nicole Fransen
4th: Gayla Hart

1st: Darren Kee
2nd: Wesley Pablo
3rd: Shane Adams

1st: Jensen Grover, Jace Palmer, Nate
Grover, Tavid Benitte, Mark Jacobsen
2nd: Kade Francom, Kodi Palmer,
Trace Francom, Trace Bennett               
3rd: Justin Ivins, Whitney Ivins, Hope
Holiday, Ladd Ivins, Tyler Nielson
4th: Trevor Palmer, Jace Palmer,
Preston Grover, Nathan Grover

1st: Tyler Ivins, Shawn Ivins, David Ivins
2nd: Shawn Ivins, Preston Grover, David Ivins

Stock Class

1st: Ira Antez
2nd: Sam Dayzie
3rd: Josh Abernathy
4th: Colt Jerrett

Super Stock Class
1st: Christopher Charley
2nd: Chris Bay
3rd: Sam Dayzie
4th: Desteny Bingham

Modified Class
1st: Chadman Carter
2nd: Jaymes Benally
3rd: Manny Dayzie
4th: Loan Randall

Pro-Modified Class
1st: Jim Salls
2nd: Eli Whipple
3rd: Hannah Adams

Super Modified 
1st: Chadman Carter
2nd: Sherman Begay
3rd: Clarence Stash
4th: Jake Maning

Unlimited Class
1st: Peter Encinas
2nd: Harry Dee
3rd: Jim Salls

Outlaw Class
1st: Jake Manning
2nd: Fernodos Arviso

1st: Justin Ivins Team : Justin Ivins, Tyler Ivins, Jessie Jack, Trayson Jack, Hope Halliday, Whitney Ivins
2nd: Tyler Draper Team : Tyler Draper, Gage Wilcox, Thomas Anderson, Spencer Knudsen, Naomi Mantz, Tanner Eardley
3rd place: Mark Beh Team : Mark Beh, Matt Beh, Lucas Hatch, Shaylee Bradford, Tristan Esplin, Reed Heglin
4th place: Delaney Palmer Team : Danny Palmer, Delaney Palmer, Kate Palmer, Tanner Johnson, Davis Mendoza

Beginners (ages 6 & under)

1st: Wake Einerson 
2nd: Briar Palmer
3rd: Elsie Grover

Juniors (ages 7 - 12)
1st: Kynnedy Bingham
2nd: Aspen Palmer
3rd: Lucy Black

Intermediate (Ages 13 - 18)
1st: Joy Parker
2nd: Ashley and Kyleigh Adair
3rd: Lindsay Peterson

Seniors (ages 19 & up)
1st: Chris Foster
2nd: Brittney Bushore

Hula Hoop:
Taylor Barry
Sack Race: Justin Ivins
Egg Toss: Easton Young & Paxton Christensen

Bull Riding

1st: Race Young
2nd: Braxton Atwood
3rd: Tyler Draper
4th: Jake Ivins

Mutton Bustin’
1st: Braddock Mortensen, Stetson Johnson, Heston Holliday
2nd: Dixie Marie Lessner, Jade Mecham, Talmage Nielson
3rd: Raiden Kano, Ollie Jeppesen, Ridge Latham
4th: Hayden Bandis, Haygen Carson, Boston Monson, Payce Hosler

Calf Riding
1st: Aspyn Ivins, Brigg Palmer
2nd: Dylan Barry, Tracen Johnson
3rd: Randall Black, Krew Kofoed
4th: Peyton Pehrson, Hinckley Nielson, Trayton Johnson

Steer Riding
1st: Rigley LaGiglia, Shawn Black
2nd: Tyler Winn, JD Palmer
3rd: Jett Johnson, Kenlee Atwood

Barrel Racing
1st: Angela Halls, Taylar Harvey, Megan Zunich, Riana James
2nd: Bailey Bauer, Ean Ellis, Brett James, Kaia Noyes
3rd: Lyric Wilcox, Dakota Halliday, Kinley Noyes, Shelly Lewis
4th: Aspyn Ivins

Team Roping 
1st: Kade Francom & Jace Palmer
2nd: Jace Palmer & Kade Francom

Pole Bending
1st: Davi Bowring, Brett James, Bailey Bauer, Taylar Harvey
2nd: Shelly Lewis, Averie Ivins, Aspyn Ivins, Ean Ellis
3rd: Riana James, Megan Zunich, Haygen Carlson, Adison Ivins

Breakaway Roping
1st: Riana James

Goat Tying
1st: Cody Alexander, Riana James
2nd: Jessica Alexander, Mersadez Zunich
3rd: Ean Ellis, Kaia Noyes
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