2016 San Juan County Fair results
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SJC Fair
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Grand Champ: Jordyn Moon
1st Reserve: Emmry Wilcox
2nd Reserve: Corey Bunker
Senior Showman: Alyssa Reeve
2nd: Adam Bunker
3rd: McKinsey Brewer
Jr. Showman: Saydee Adams
2nd Showman: Hannah Barry
3rd Showman: Taylor Barry
Rate of Gain: Amy Lewis
Herdsman: Barry Girls

Grand Champ: Alison Barry
1st Reserve: McKady Grover
2nd Reserve: Paige Palmer
Showman: Alison Barry
2nd Showman: McKady Grover
3rd Showman: Taylor Barry
Rate of Gain: Alison Barry
Herdsman: Jeanette Halls

Grand Champ: Mason Atwood
1st Reserve: Tyler Pehrson
2nd Reserve: Easton Young
Senior Showman: Quay Walker
2nd Sr Showman: Cordell Walker
3rd Sr Showman: Brittany Grover
Junior Showman: Emilie Palmer
2nd Jr Showman: Aysia Pehrson
3rd Jr Showman: Bronson Snyder
Rate of Gain: Quay Walker
Herdsman: Kaysen Taylor

Grand Champ: Alyssa Reeve
1st Reserve: Abbi Nielson
2nd Reserve: Quay Walker
Senior Showman: Brayson Wilcox
2nd Sr Showman: Cordell Walker
3rd Sr Showman: Alyssa Reeve
Junior Showman: Nathan Grover
2nd Jr Showman: Jensen Grover
Rate of Gain: Abigail Nielson
Herdsman: Shelley Lewis

Scholarship Winner:
Krista Grover

Senior Student Judging:
1st: Alyssa Reeve
2nd: Cordell Walker
3rd: Quay Walker

Junior Student Judging:
1st: Ladd Ivins
2nd: Alison Barry
2nd: Kaitlyn Musselman

Adult Judging:
1st: LaMarr Walker
2nd: Justin Ivins
3rd: Tyrel Cressler
3rd: Landon Palmer


Grand Champ: Jersey Moon
1st Reserve: London Young
2nd Reserve: Stetson Black
Showmanship: Brinley Adams

Grand Champ: Peyton Pehrson
1st Reserve: Makena Cressler
2nd Reserve: Sienna Snyder
Showmanship: Sienna Snyder

Mud Volleyball

1st: Justin Ivins Team
Justin Ivins, Tyler Ivins, Jessie Ivins, Javin Ivins, Kyle Halliday, Keya Black

2nd: Tyler Draper Team

Tyler Draper, Thomas Anderson, Megan Grover, Gage Wilcox, Keaton Young, Kaden Draper, Brayson Wilcox

3rd: Tymbr Black Team
Tymbr Black, Tristan Esplin, Shaylee Bradford, Marci McDougal, Allie Maughan, Izabell Slade, Morgan Malloy, Abi Nielson

4th: Isaiah Sheeran Team
Isaiah Sheeran, Sean Getter, Bryson Henderson, Aaron Rogers, Thomas Anderson


Peoples Choice Tasters Table:
Yadhira Rice: Mixed Berry Pie
Robyn Forrest: Banana Bread
Janice Attwood: English Toffee
Wanda Skinner: Bread Pudding

Kenyon Hoggard: Rooster
Ben Haller: Hen
Brooke Pehrson: Photography
Jessica Allen: Photography
Emily Jacobson: 4-H – Quilt
Dillan Wheeler: 4-H – PVC Bow
Yadhira Rice: Herbs
Sally Jack: Cherries
Doyle Rowley: Dill
Marty Shupe: Crochet Donkey
Shirley Pehrson: Quilt
Emmry Wilcox: Children and Youth – Painting
Yadhira Rice: Raspberry Danish Bread
Sarah English: Fair Theme – Cake Pops
Nathan Chamberlain: Stool
Luther Wigginton: Quilt
Iris Barton: Quilt
Karen Kartchner: Quilt
Liesl Francom: Baby Painting
Richard Russell: Oil Painting
Donna Washburn: Gladiola
Teegen Olsen: Scrapbooking
Kamree Hoggard: Scrapbooking
Elaine Davis: Scrapbooking

Judges Choice:
Kolbie Hoggard: Rooster
London Richmonds: Hen
Yadhira Rice: Photography
Brielle Rice: 4-H
Alyssa Reeve: 4-H – Decorated Cake
Marilyn Rowley: Pears
George Rice: Salsa
Laurie Simpson: Corn
Michael Rivera: Crochet baby bag
Tina Murdock: Quilt
Tina Murdock: Quilt
Aysia Pehrson: Children and Youth
Yadhira Rice: Cookies
Martha Johnson: Afghan
Bobbi Holt: Quilt and Pillow
Matthew Patton: Painting
Carolyn Hunt: Clamshell w/ fairy
Carolina Pipkin: Scrapbooking
Kamree Hoggard: Scrapbooking
Jessica Olsen: Scrapbooking

Honorable Mention:
Janette Halls: Rooster
Tuttle Boys: Rabbit
Eli Carling: Hen
Allie Carling: Hen
Janice Atwood: Photography
George Rice: Fruit Leather
Marilyn Rowley: Grape Juice
Dee Randall: Apricot Juice
Yadhira Rice: Peach Jalapeno Jam
Sheri Guymon: Squash
Sheri Guymon: Blackberries
Leona Wigginton: Berries
Sara Pipkin: Onions
Deanne Randall: Green Beans
Sally Jack: Embroidered pillowcases
Rod Dowding: Rug
Shirley Pehrson: Quilt
Carla Sorrell: Purple Quilt
Carla Sorrell: Black and White Quilt
Jordyn Kartchner: Denim Quilt
Carla Sorrell: Button Quilt
Tina Murdock: Patriotic Quilt
Rebecca Chamberlain: Children and Youth
Jordan Bradford: Children and Youth
Sofie Hook: Children and Youth
Aubrey Black: Children and Youth
Olive English: Children and Youth
Sabrina Randall: Bread
Carolyn Hunt: Bread
Christine Christensen: Long Towel
Vernetta Sonderegger: Quilt
Deanne Randall: Rug
Karen Kartchner: Wall Hanging
Jackie Steele: Blackberries
Martha Johnson: Photo
Liesl Francom: Crayon painting
Tim Irish: drawing
Matthew Patton: Stained glass drawing
Matthew Patton: Nashville drawing
Deanne Randall: Coreopsis
Carolyn Hunt: African Violet
Teegen Olsen: Scrapbooking
Janete Halls: Scrapbooking
Anne Bayles: Scrapbooking

4-H Going to State Fair
Dillon Wheeler: Bow
Alyssa Reeve: Decorated Cake
Emily Jacobson: Quilt
Olivia Chamberlain: Picture 

Family Fun Games

Hula Hoop:
Mohonrai George & Rylan Grover

Sack Race:
1st: Justin Ivins
2nd: Dallin Duncan

Egg Toss:
Jace Palmer and Jensen Grover

Youth Rodeo

Mutton Bustin’:
1st: Alice Jeppesen, Hudson Tuttle, Haley Price
2nd: Damon Bunker, Andrew Whitacre, Boston Monson, Bryir Palmer
3rd: Palmer Harrison, Denver DeGroot
4th: Cameron Adair, Ella Stearns, Drake Lagiglia, Mia Price

Calf Riding:
1st: Randall Black, JD Palmer
2nd: Jett Johnson
3rd: Jake Ivins
4th: Chaos Walters

Steer Riding:
1st: Brett James
2nd: Kash Shumway
3rd: Jace Palmer

Bull Riding:
1st: Krista Grover

Barrel Racing:
1st: Kesler Dan, Olivia Lyman, Mia Wilson, Krista Grover
2nd: Taylar Harvey, Cody Alexander, Brett James, Shaelyn Hart
3rd: Jerzey Moon, Avery Ivins, Riana James, Megan Grover 

Pole Bending:
1st: Kesler Dan, Olivia Lyman, Riana James, Krista Grover
2nd: Taylar Harvey, Cody Alexander, Brett James, Shelly Lewis
3rd: Dakota Halliday, Kinley Noyes, Kash Shumway, Krystelle Noyes

Goat Tying:
1st: Cody Alexander, Brett James, Troial Gines
2nd: Riana James, Kesler Dan
3rd: Tzosiah Etcitty, Ranse Hart 

Farm Bureau Talent Find

1st: Kennedy and Brandt Bingham 
2nd: Dakota Halls

1st: Kaitlyn Musselman & Abbi Christensen
2nd: Angela Marian
3rd (tie): Taygen Meyers, Aysia Pehrson, Maycee Conway, Brilee Booth & Alex Shumway

1st: Luke Shelton

Mud Bog

Stock Class:
1st: Rutherford Mills
2nd: Logan Randall
3rd: Jace Burton
4th: Josh Abernathy

Modified Stock Class:
1st: Destiny Bingham
2nd: Leanard Carter
3rd: Hannah Adams
4th: Logan Randall

Modified Class:
1st: Hannah Adams
2nd: Michael Adams
3rd: Danny Fredericks

Pro-Modified Class:
1st: Michael Adams
2nd: Scott Adams
3rd: Clarence Stash

Cowboy Games

1st: Whitnie Ivins Team
Whitnie, Justin, Dylan, and Ladd Ivins and Hope Holliday

2nd: Monte Dan Team
Monte and Kesler Dan, Preston Grover and Oscar Alvarez

3rd: High School Rodeo Team
Kim, Race and Hunter Young, Davi Bowring, Shelly Lewis, Shaelyn and Rans Hart

3rd: Shawna Shumway Team
Shawna, Kyson and Kash Shumway, Kara and Jason Nay, Randall Flavel

4th: Preston Grover Team
Preston and Rylan Grover, Tyler, Shawn, Justin and Averie Ivins

1st: Tyler Ivins, BJ Grover and Monte Dan
2nd: Monte Dan, Oscar Alvarez and Lucio Regalado
3rd: Justin Ivins, Shawn Ivins, David Ivins

Goat Roping

10 and under:
1st: Riley Redshaw (Only person to catch)

Team roping:
1st: Chance Tate & Cody Hatcher
2nd: Chance Tate & Race Young
3rd: Preston Grover & Wade Charles
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