2014 SJC Fair Results
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Blue Mountain Round-up Rodeo
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Mud Bog
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Mud Wrestling
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Family Fun Games
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Farm Bureau Talent Find
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Rodeo (Friday)
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Mud Volleyball
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Rodeo (Saturday)
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Peoples Choice:

Ashley Adair, Photography
Easton Bowring, Painting
Liesel Francom, Painting
Heather Clark, Decorated Cake
Sheldon Lewis, Infant Casket
Aspen English, Cookies
Kathrine Sallee, Raspberry Pie
Yadhira Rice, Brownies

Best of Show:
Vee Carroll, Flowers
Sheldon Lewis, Infant Casket
Kama Brewer, Photography
Brooke Pehrson, Photography
Mags Hawkins, Rabbit
Ayla Carling, Chicken
Caleb Peterson, Lego Sculpture
Easton Bowring, Acrylic Painting
Marie Wigginton, Quilt
Oaine Foy, Quilt
Merle McDonald, Handiwork
Heather Clark, Decorated Cake
Stephanie Chapman, Cake
Iris Barton, Quilt
Shirley Pehrson, Quilt
Oaine Foy, Needlepoint
Andrew Decker, Afghan
Marilyn Rowley, Pears
Chris Blackhorse, Pottery
Mariah Halls, Etching
Liesl Francom, Painting
Gianfranco DeAngelis, Painting
Frank Hedrick, Painting
Dee Hancock, Onions

Judges Choice:
Carolyn Hunt, Flowers
Troy Butler, Guitar & Amp
Stephonie Chapman, Photography
Kay Shumway, Photography
Shodayle Brown, Rabbit
Janette Halls, Chicken
Ellie Thayn, Pencil Drawing
Connor Montella, Quilt
Nancy Marineau, Pillow Case
Bonnie Miller, Quilt
Bobbi Holt, Quilt
Stephanie Chapman, Cookies
Anna Rowley, Quilt
Deleska Behunin, Quilt
Yadhira Rice, Salsa
Brianna Pugh, Pottery
Sylester Harloo, Drawing
Relva Bowring, Watermelon

Honorable Mention:
Jan Redd, Flowers
Nathan Chamberlain, Jewlery Box
Jill Hook, Photography
Stephonie Chapman, Photography
Jan Noirot, Photography
Kay Shumway, Photography
Jan Noirot, Photography
Stan Byrd, Photography
Brooke Pehrson, Photography
Cameron Jensen, Rooster
Ryanna Brewer, Rabbit
Tyler Thayn, Car
Tayia Bennett, Children & Youth
Shelbie Musselman, Children & Youth
Sofie Hook, Children & Youth
Bronson Young, Children & Youth
Brielle Rice, Children & Youth
Travis Black, Children & Youth
Zach Thayn, Truck
Alyssa Reeve, Cake
Mariah Halls, Etching
Karen Kartchner, Quilt
Vernetta Sonderegger, Quilt
Nancy Martineau, Quilt
Iris Barton, Quilt
Colleen Jones, Bread
Kathrin Sallee, Pie
Yadhira Rice, Cake
Eva Byrd, Quilt
Charmaine Boyd, Afghan
Martha Bull, Apricot Leather
Scott Mitchell, Sculpture
Sylvester Harloo, Drawing
Fidel Martinez, Cabbage
Dee Hancock, Cayanne Peppers
Dee Hancock, Bell Peppers


Tristan Felix, Best of Show
Annabelle Felix, Judges Choice
Annabelle Felix, Honorable Mention

Jordan Pipkin, Best of Show
Lacey Fortune, Judges Choice
Jordan Pipkin, Honorable Mention

Cheyenne Low, Best of Show
Sarah Pipkin, Judges Choice
Cheyenne Low, Honorable Mention

Best of Class:
Brandy Cressler, Family/Heritage
Ann Bayles, Holidays/Patriotic
Brandy Cressler, Outdoors/Sports
Sarah Pipkin, Special Occasions
Sarah Pipkin, Just Because/Misc
Brianna Pugh, Home Decor/Themed Albums

Stock Class:

Greg Tucker, 1st
Kedrick Musselman, 2nd
Gerick Tsosi, 3rd

ATV Class:
Ron Sorrell, 1st

Modified Class:
Michael Adams, 1st
Jace Burton, 2nd
Cory Sheldon, 3rd
Trint Barry, 4th

Pro-Modified Class:
Clarence Stash, 1st
Shawn Carter, 2nd
AJ Sampson, 3rd
Audren Adams, 4th

1st: Justin Ivins Team (5th TIME IN A ROW), Justin Ivins, Tyler Ivins, Jessie Ivins, Carter Holiday, Jade Palmer
2nd: Rockland Ranch Team, Abel Morrison, Enoch Foster, Catrina Foster, Betsy Barlow, Cary Knecht, Nephi Barlow


Cordell Walker Grand Champion
Oakley Adams, 1st Reserve
Saydee Adams, 2nd Reserve
Cordell Walker, Senior Showmanship Champion
McKinsey Brewer, Senior 2nd Place Showmanship
Alyssa Reeve, Senior 3rd Place Showmanship
Saydee Adams, Junior Showmanship Champion
Quay Walker, Junior 2nd Place Showmanship
Easton Young, Junior 3rd Place Showmanship
Oakley Adams, Rate of Gain
Jordyn Moon, Herdsman

Mike Monson, Grand Champion
Carsyn Endres, 1st Reserve
Camerson Jensen, 2nd Reserve
Carsyn Endres, Senior Showmanship Champion
Mikee Monson, Senior 2nd Place Showmanship
Kelsey Flavel, Senior 3rd Place Showmanship
Randall Flavel, Junior Showmanship Champion
Zach Pamer, Junior 2nd Place Showmanship
Spencer Jones, Junior 3rd Place Showmanship
Camerson Jensen, Rate of Gain
Justin Black, Herdsman

Mike Monson, Grand Champion
Paxton Christensen, 1st Reserve
Easton Bowring, 2nd Reserve
Mike Monson, Senior Showmanship Champion
Davi Bowring, Senior 2nd Place Showmanship
Easton Bowring, Senior 3rd Place Showmanship
Quay Walker, Jr. Showman
Ashia Pehrson, Junior 2nd Place Showmanship
Bronson Snyder, Junior 3rd Place Showmanship
Kayson Taylor, Herdsman

Ashley Adair, Grand Champion
Cordell Walker, 1st Reserve
Camryn Redd, 2nd Reserve
Cordell Walker, Senior Showmanship Champion
Jens Grover, Senior 2nd Place Showmanship
Megan Grover, Senior 3rd Place Showmanship
Kash Shumway, Junior Showmanship Champion
Brittany Grover, Junior 2nd Place Showmanship
Madison Palmer, Junior 3rd Place Showmanship
Ryann Shumway, Rate of Gain
Asa Bradford, Herdsman

Scholarship Winner: Mike Monson

Ryan J Bunker Scholarship Winner: Guy Tracy


Macee Palmer, Grand Champion
Hazel Hutchinson, 1st Reserve
Keaton Ivins, 2nd Reserve
Parker Snyder, Showmanship

Jerzy Moon, Grand Champion
Hannah Barry, 1st Reserve
Cort Moon, 2nd Reserve
Taylor Barry, Showmanship

Student Judging
1st: Sierra Monson, Randall Flavel, Karah Nay, Kyson Shumway
2nd: Race Young, Abbigail Christensen
3rd: McKady Grover, James Allen, Jymi Adams

Barn Sheets:
1st: Janette Halls / Alyssa Reeve
2nd: Easton Young / McKinsey Brewer
3rd: Jordyn Moon / Ashley Adair

Youth Division:

Cory Langston, 1st
Shandon Bradford, 2nd
Nolan Freestone, 3rd
Talon Black, 4th

Women Division:
Nikki Safrit, 1st
Anna Fredericks, 2nd
Natalie Mendoza, 3rd

Men Division:
Coby Christensen, 1st
Ben Safrit, 2nd
Travis Pehrson, 3rd
Nate Langston, 4th

Hula Hoop:

Mahonri George, 1st
Megan Grover, 2nd

Sack Race:
Tracen Jack, 1st
Shanna Black, 2nd

Egg Toss:
Troy and Carter Palmer, 1st
Justin and Dylan Ivins, 2nd

Mutton Bustin’:

Jonas Jeppesen, 1st
Dylan Barry, 1st
Adam Siyavong, 2nd
Randall Black, 2nd
Luckasey Collom, 3rd
Havoc Laws, 3rd
Stetson Black, 4th
Cameron Adair, 4th

Calf Riding:
Landon Herring, 1st
Weston Jones, 1st
Brett James, 2nd
Austin Pemberton, 2nd
Trace Bennett, 3rd
Parker Snyder, 3rd
Kenlee Atwood, 4th
Nolan Cressler, 4th

Steer Riding:
Wyatt Fullmer, 1st
Kash Shumway, 2nd
Whitnie Ivins, 3rd

Bull Riding:
Jessie Ivins, 1st
Tyson Prince, 2nd
Asa Bradford, 3rd

Barrel Racing:
1st: Bailey Cliffton, Brett James, Colton Oliver, Amanda Grover
2nd: Reiny Collom, Cody Alexander, Randall Flavel, Race Young, Krista Grover
3rd: Jaycee Clifton, Landon Herring, Halee Williams, Shelby Fullmer
4th: Riana James

Pole Bending:
1st: Reiny Collom, Landon Herring, Race Young, Kendall Harris
2nd: Bailey Clifton, Cody Alexander, Kash Shumway, Amanda Grover
3rd: Jaycee Clifton, Colton Oliver, Matthew Benson
4th: Randall Flavel

Breakaway Roping:
1st: Colton Oliver, Kody Gregory

Cowboy Games
1st: Chase Murray, Shawn Ivins, Preston Grover, Justin Ivins
2nd: Shawna Shumway, Karah Nay, Kyson Shumway, Kash Shumway, Landon Herring
3rd: Fidel Lopez, Luis Trevizo, Antonio Trevizo, Shelby Fullmer, Melissa Fullmer
4th: Tyler Ivins, Shawn Ivins, Justin Ivins, David Ivins, Dylan Ivins, Jessie Ivins
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